The School’s Mission Statement
To develop in the children in our care the ability to respect and value themselves and others within the context of a Christian ethos, and that the children feel secure, valued and confident and develop a sense of achievement through learning which is a pleasurable and rewarding experience.
School Aims                               
  • The children will feel safe and secure in a learning environment, which encourages fun, enjoyment and is a safe place to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • The children will come to value truth, justice, trust, honesty and duty in the light of Christian values.
  • The children will develop respect for the views, opinions, property and space of others. They will learn self-respect through developing a healthy life style. They will show respect for the environment including the school building. Children will become increasingly independent but equally be able to work together with a range of people.
  • The children will develop confidence and self esteem developing an open minded and optimistic attitude and the confidence to try new things.
  • They will develop a sense of achievement through success in a range of differentiated situations.
Principles for Learning      
  • Gunthorpe School is a school where everyone seeks to be a positive role model, communicating clear aims and expectations, giving constructive feedback and positive praise. There will be consistent approach to teaching good behaviour, through role play, circle time, PHSE lessons and general classroom practice.
  • We will encourage children through valuing effort, achievement and progression. We will motivate children by making learning fun and inclusive. We will promote a can do culture, by helping children to understand the progression of their own learning through self assessment and target setting, listening to their views and opinions and creating opportunities for success.
  • We will develop routines to promote a sense of security, giving clear expectations/boundaries, providing a welcoming environment and caring attitude. We hope to give the children a sense of belonging by valuing their opinions, giving them ownership through mechanisms such as the school council.
  • We will set high expectations and give every learner confidence they can succeed by demonstrating a commitment to every learner’s success, engaging, the active support of parents. We will set clear and appropriate learning goals, making them relevant to the learner’s needs.
  • We will promote a culture of learning to learn through developing the children’s ability to think systematically, manage information, learn from others and help others learn.

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Thank you  
Mr Martin Armitage
Head Teacher

Gunthorpe C of E Primary School

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